Cargo Bikes are nothing new, in fact places like Denmark, Holland, and Germany among many other countries have been cargo biking for quite some time.

In general , bikes have become the norm and solution to common challenges that the public experiences daily: high gas prices, traffic, potential parking tickets and most of all, lack of quality time with our children.

With its recognizable design, THE CARGO BIKE, perfected the synthesis of beauty, technicality and logistical function, assisting passenger(s) and riders to engage with one another during their ride, making it possible to spend more time with each other while also enjoying the outdoors.

THE CARGO BIKE can save you time and frustration of traffic and parking, while riding freely to the farmers market, the beach, and onto the school yard to drop off your kids. No need to find parking, no waiting in a stand still drop off line, and certainly a fun experience while exercising.

THE CARGO BIKE has recently expanded on the traditional cargo bike by upgrading with the ELECTRIC ASSIST feature providing assistance to riders such as new moms looking to shed extra baby weight, or for those uphill battles pedaling while having the option to be assisted when needed.

Our customer base and their uses of THE CARGO BIKE vary from parents looking to spend more quality time with their children, to professionals looking for other cheaper forms of transportation to work.

Caretakers have purchased THE CARGO BIKE for their wheelchair bound patients, as well as making an enjoyable bike ride possible for parents with severely autistic children, allowing both parent and child to enjoy bike riding together.

As a small, local company located in Long Beach, California. We understand how valuable referals and word of mouth are. We stand by our bikes and encourage test rides on both the manual pedal and electric assist model of THE CARGO BIKE to get a feel for each model to select which better suits their needs.

Our more recent customer base has extended to Artists, Performers, Engineers and Campers of Burning Man - purchasing THE CARGO BIKE for riding with cargo on the playa

We have perfected THE CARGO BIKE by customizing, building and delivering THE CARG0 BIKE within Southern California, as well as shipping locally, nationally and also internationally.